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New Friend

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This is Amy. She belongs to adliger1 who I guess belongs to bizarre now. I see her petting him all of the time. He seems to like her enough.

Amy is fun to play with. She is no Kitty, but a nice alternative nonetheless.

I am jealous though because she is softer than me. And I do believe that her coloring makes her more attractive to some people.

However, she is a bozo and hides when people come over to play the noisy music game with the male in the stinky hat. Mister assfingers . His gas issues have been extraordinary as of late. No wonder he is keeping his bedroom windows open. I have to sit in front of them just to breathe properly.

Anyway, Amy seems ok apart from being almost as cute as me and super soft. I am just irritated because she is a pest and I can't sleep with bizarre anymore because the bedroom door is kept closed to keep her from annoying them at night.

I need to school her. Fast.